Creative portrait photography, no occasion necessary


Special occasions–weddings, birthday parties, graduations–are excellent reasons to hire a professional photographer. These are important milestones in our lives, ones that we want to remember.

But what about all of the other stuff?

I’m talking about a lazy Saturday when grandma comes over to play with the kids. Or a random evening when you and your partner want to share a favorite meal. Parents, in the home you grew up in, just being, well, parents.

I believe it’s important to consider our everyday lives photo-worthy. Do you cherish any photographs that were not at a wedding or other major celebration or ceremony?

I do.

I have this random photo of my parents in full 90s baggy jeans just standing in the street in front of my grandmother’s house. They were probably going for a walk together and my grandma or someone wanted to snap a photo.

Now? It’s the best photo. They are close–then–to my age now. There’s something brilliant about it. Special. Sad. Happy. All of the things.

Some photographers are drawn to landscapes, some live music, and others food. 


I love a creative portrait. It’s the faces that I’m drawn to and the challenge of pulling out a genuine emotion in a fleeting moment. Storytelling, I suppose.

Combine a beautiful portrait with a compelling environment, and you have a killer combination. 

So, what do you want a great portrait of?

What will you be SO glad you captured at this point in your life?

Here are some examples of portraits that are not from a special occasion, but instead a day in the life of a person. A human in the world. Someone I love or you love or someone loves.

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