Portrait photography: parents, grandparents, and older folks you love

What about portrait photography of parents, grandparents, and older folks you love? I want to think of family photography beyond your kiddos.

Your kiddos are great, and I love family photography.

But, what about the older folks you love?

I have one photo of me with both of my grandmothers. It was snapped at a family gathering a few years before they passed away. It’s the only great photo I have with them, and it was an accident that I even have it.

Me and my grandmothers, c 2003

I realize, sitting here at 39 years old, that I don’t have a great collection of portraits of my own parents and other older folks I love.

But what about you?

What if, just for the sake of imagining possibilities, a professional photographer took some beautifully lit portraits of the older folks you love in a space (let’s say childhood home) that you love?

What would that feel like 10, 20, 30 years from now?

Below are some portrait samples. If there is someone you love–person, dog, whatever–getting older that you’d love to craft a professional session around, send me a note to explore options.

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