Is a Story Session Right for You?

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If you skimmed the session info about environmental storytelling, check it out here. You + people you love + an environment that’s home or special. That’s where I want to take photos.

This is photography for the sake of having a killer set of portraits to hang on the wall. 

I don’t have kiddos, but I recently had portraits taken of me and my dog and I LOVE and cherish them so much.

Or maybe you have the whole, glorious, kid thing going on:

Toys cover the floor in every room. Laundry–clean and dirty–covers every chair and couch. A smattering of dirty dishes and sippy cups pepper the space, too. 

I get it. Having a photographer spend time in and, *gasp*, actually photograph your space, seems ridiculous. Where could a good photo even happen in all the craziness? And what will the photographer think if I don’t get around to cleaning things up?

It’s intimate, yes. It’s not always a perfect set-up of props and lights and prettiness, but it’s home.

And home, just as it is right now, is one of my favorite ways to capture families, especially if little kiddos are running around.

Photography for me is about movement and documentation and capturing life as it is day-to-day.


The best family photographs come from a relaxed group of people just doing what they usually do.

Okay, maybe we plan on having cookies and milk as a family or setting up a favorite board game, but for the most part, my at-home sessions are relaxed, fun, and all about photographing your life in whatever stage you’re in.

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