5 Tips for Finding a Photographer You Love

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Finding a photographer you love isn’t always easy. Expertise is a website that offers “best of” badges in a variety of different industries and cities. In the “family photography” category, Jennings Photo has been offered badges since 2017. This is a cool bonus for any website, and certainly something that helps new clients trust the product and process more.

Full disclosure: I have absolutely no idea how Expertise decides on awards. What I do know, is that there are so many talented and creative family photographers in Minneapolis and the world.

All I can say is that, whatever the process, I’m honored to be included in that group.

But awards don’t mean you’ll love the style or vibe. If you’re looking for creative and talented photographers in any city, it seems obvious that the photographer’s photos are a good place to begin.

Here are five tips to finding a family photographer you’ll love:

  1. Portfolio: Do they show images that interest you or do you find yourself liking only a couple here and there? It goes without saying, really, but a photographer’s portfolio speaks volumes about if they’re a good fit for you.
  2. Price: Are they in your price range? Most photographers have a starting price listed or a full pricing list. If you’re really jazzed about the portfolio, I’d recommend reaching out to get all the details. Remember, higher-priced photographers often have more experience, are in higher demand, and are most-likely (not always, of course) capable of delivering a stellar product.
  3. Communication: Was it easy to get in touch? Now that you’ve reached out, did they respond? Has it been days and days? Response time is a great indicator of a well-run business, in my opinion. You’re seeking to pay for a service, and the service begins with your inquiry.
  4. Professionalism: Does everything feel like it’s working? Buttons on the website. Information you need is easy to find and proofread. Does it feel like their response was an afterthought, or can you feel that they’re excited to work together?
  5. Reviews & awards: Check Facebook, Yelp, or Google and see what other folks are saying. This can be a solid way to make sure this person is legit.

Trying out different products or services can be scary if it’s a big investment. Go with your gut, if all else fails. That’s generally what I like to do.

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