Due to COVID-19 I am taking additional measures to protect myself and my clients. I'm also pausing in-home sessions for the time being until there is more safety information available...but backyards and front porches + parks are a great solution!


I'm available to chat with if you're wondering how to plan a smaller wedding. I've shot many of those over the years and love them. It's certainly a wonderful option.


I'm natalie {jennings}

More about me

I have over 30 houseplants and, of course, all of them have names.

I've bounced between vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan for over 10 years.


I feel strongly that our decisions have a big impact, even if the daily ones feel tiny.


I do my best as a consumer and human. I'm certainly not perfect, but doing better as I learn.


I left Minnesota and moved to Hawai'i when I was 18 and decided to study Hawaiian language. Hawai'i is home, too, and you’ll see a lot of photos from O'ahu on the site.


I don't have kiddos, maybe someday. I've experienced divorce and miscarriage.


Both remind me never to make assumptions about where people are at in life, or why.


I played jazz trumpet all through college and hosted a weekly jazz radio show called The Straight, No Chaser Show...jazz folks will get that one.

natalie jennings cover image with flowers

I’m currently exploring new photoshop techniques, high-level business coaching, daily journaling, plant medicine, and how to show up and do better (more below).


I'm highly empathic and love working with modalities that help us better understand ourselves like meditation, breathwork, and tarot.


I meditate daily and adore Abraham Hicks.


I struggle with waking up as early as I’d like and have a lingering childhood fear of balloons (weirdo). I play guitar & practice learning Spanish daily, and have a little cocker spaniel, Islay.


I am still trying to understand suburbs.

if you're a photographer looking for more support, check out photo Biz Help. It's a resource I've put together for photographers who want to grow a photo biz.



When you know better, do better.


One of the most memorable learning opportunities I've had recently was attending a virtual town hall for small business owners hosted by Rachel Rodgers.


Those in attendance were seeking information on building anti-racist companies, including new ways to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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