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If you're like me . . .

...then you might roll your eyes and throw up a little in your mouth when you hear the words "candid" or "documentary"...again. But those words best describe what kind of photos I take.


I started this photography journey in 2010. Nearly 200 weddings and hundreds of sessions later, I keep trying to improve my photo game and grow as a person. I believe in bringing positive vibes and good intentions to sessions (and life in general), and have the most fun when my clients do, too.


We will be a great match if:


-you want to capture vibe, mood, and movement more than a perfect pose

-you value the seldom noticed, ethereal details that tell a good story

-you want a laid back photographer who makes you feel comfortable being you

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excited about mini sessions?

If you're on a budget or a tight schedule, minis are for you!


These are 20-minute sessions for families, pets, seniors, and anyone else needing a quick turnaround at a low price point!


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if you're in business, you need great photography.

Potential clients process visual content on your site (and in your social feed) exponentially faster than these.


So what then?


Learn about personal branding and how it can help you and your brand in all the best ways to move you forward and reach your intended audience.

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