Candid at-home family photography and video

Where are my video fans at?

Jennings Photo is excited to announce a brand new partnership and offer: candid family photography PLUS videography.

Yep, it’s the best possible combo mixing photos to print and hang and videos to share on social or text to your fave people. We spend SO much time on our devices these days, and this duo of photo and video meshes perfectly for something fun, timely, and easy to soak up and share.

Who’s doing the video?

Great question. Enter Bill Hoben, the video magician behind Hoben Media.

Bill says, “I work in all sorts of industries and found a soft spot for family videos after my godson Osker was born. Osker’s mom, who is also a good friend, is a single mom and I wanted her to be able to see moments of him growing up. So, I started filming birthdays, meeting Santa, and other first milestones of growing up.”

Bill’s Style

“Life is a collection of fleeting moments, and before we know it, those moments become memories. While our minds may forget the specifics, video has the power to allow us to gaze back to those cherished times, evoking emotions and reminding us of the love and joy we’ve experienced.

IMG 7657

I believe that every moment holds immense value and deserves to be cherished and remembered. My goal is to provide an experience that allows families to relive their family memories time and time again.”

Natalie’s Style

I’ve tested out a lot of styles since launching Jennings Photo in 2010, and much like the hero in a classic tale, I’ve found myself back home again.

Home, for me, means noticing small, quiet things. They are the all-important details—objects, expressions, or movements—that give depth and truth to the moments I capture.

That’s when I’ve created my very best work: when there’s truth—something real—at the core of it. Very little fussing and instructing and making perfect, but instead a lot of watching, listening, and just being there.


If your goal for photos is to get one or two photos of everyone posed together perfectly, not a collar or hair out of place, then I’m probably not your gal. But if you want to capture your beautiful, messy, REAL life right now, tears and grass stains and all, then you’re in the right place.

What’s included?

Each session includes up to 45 minutes of shoot time at your home, or at one of our beautiful pop-up rentals.

Here’s the scene: we capture you spending time together. Maybe it’s prepping a snack and enjoying it, or playing in the yard. Perhaps a board game or book is more your speed, or just a simple bedtime routine (how much would you love to look back on something like that someday?).

After your session, you’ll have a chance to choose up to 30 final images to keep. Bill will deliver your gorgeous and thoughtfully edited feature video (about 2 minutes) AND 3 mini shareable videos (10-15 seconds each) that are perfect for sending to family or sharing online.

How do I sign up?

We’re currently booking both at-home and pop-up sessions for September-November and would love to hear from you.

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