2018: Minneapolis Portrait and Family Photographer

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Natalie Jennings is a family and portrait photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jennings Photo was voted best family photographer in Minneapolis 2017-2020 by

If you’re a client reading this, thank you.

Thank you for celebrating, trusting, supporting my creativity and expression. For continuing to allow me to make a living doing something that lights me up, and for sending that email to set up a session just when I might’ve been doubting myself.

Thank you for asking me to help.

My year in review isn’t a best-of or favorites reel of the photos I love most.


When I’m photographing a family or wedding or business, I’m focused on telling a story. To tell a story, I need to capture setting, light, objects, mood, a variety of emotions and scenes.

I love doing this, but it’s impossible to highlight my absolute faves. I have favorite stories, but when I break them into little pieces, it’s difficult to choose.

Putting together a year in review post–I’ve said it before–isn’t an easy task. I try to represent every gig and occasion with at least one photo. This means starting with my January folder and combing through everything.

It’s time consuming, but fun.

One thing that always strikes me is the sheer volume of photos I produce each year. This year is no different except Jennings Photo now has four associate shooters, too. (Thank you a million times over Lisa, Audrey, Cori, and Zoe!) I’m the sole editor of everything we produce, but extra cameras ends up meaning more photos.

So, there are no favorites, just a review of another fun year of shooting.

I took my camera a lot of places this year including California, Sedona, Australia, Hawaii, Paris, Florida, Vegas, Philly, New York City, New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Chicago, and more.

It’s a staggering amount of opportunity and adventure, and I offer gratitude daily for it all.

I love being a portrait and family photographer in Minneapolis.

Putting yourself out there with a creative endeavor is scary because we hold our creations close to our hearts. They are unique to who we are and vulnerable to critique. It’s an incredibly special thing to do this work and be trusted to capture some of your life’s most precious moments.

Here’s to another year of creating & exploring with you,


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PS: Get coffee or tea. It’s a long post, as promised.

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