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I believe your space is the best studio.


This means your home, yard, grandma's house, boat, or any other space that holds meaning in your personal or professional life.


For your session, we'll spend time in and around your house or favorite place. You can expect a mix of posed and candid imagery.



average investment $850

Get in touch using the button below or contact form for a full pricing breakdown and options.

why do some images look surreal?

Part of my focus is to keep my imagination flowing and an open, creative mind. This shows up in a couple of ways, or sometimes they both work together as both a conceptual & composite at the same time.


-composite photography (creating a magical scene from many different images stitched together)

-conceptual photography (creating a photograph with a message or a story to tell)


Both styles are available as add-ons or standalone options.

your space is your story

What are some of your favorite things about old photos (besides checkin' out how you looked back then)?


For me, without fail, I love looking around.


"That old couch!"

"The wallpaper!"

"Awe, look at those baby toys everywhere."

"We played that game all the time."

"My old bunk bed!"



this photo is why

I was blown away when I first saw this image.


This is a photo of my maternal grandmother, Catherine. Or as I called her, Nonni. Someone found it years ago and sent it to my family.


I wasn't just floored because she looks like the beautiful donna Italiana I remember her to be, but also that room.


This was a home I never knew--have never, and will never--set foot in. But it was her home, before. Before my mother, before me.


Let's pretend this was a portrait in a studio. You'd see a gorgeous portrait. Cool, but so much would be missing. I'm not ragging on studio photographers at all.


It's just that this--this complete story--is what fuels what I do.


What moved me to tears when I first saw this photo was the space and the story it told.


The Macbeth music on the piano, the piano window, the ashtrays, crocheted doilies, the soldier in uniform. Life magazine, light fixtures, curtains, and that stool. That outfit and hair.


All of it says something about that time, that life. Her.


the table & pillowcases

This is one of the first photos I took when I bought my DSLR and decided to build Jennings Photo.


It features the same grandmother from above, Nonni, but this time at the end of her life. Taken the week we celebrated her birthday together--in this life--for the last time.


She was in pain, but still wanted to sit with us at the table and read the Daily Word. We made room for the wheelchair. Propped her up using extra pillows. Pillows with pillowcases that had left the full set years before like lost socks. We filled one of her favorite flower mugs with coffee, the other with water.


She transitioned from this life a few months later and I still feel her presence every day.


But this photo. It's how I can tell you this story.


Sure, it's not technically the way I'd shoot it now that my skillset has grown. But the details are priceless. This photograph means the world to me.


I spent the majority of my childhood around that table. And I know that your space holds momentum, stories, and memories for you, too.


Someday you might move, or repaint, or redecorate. But your story still is, and I want to help you remember.



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