Candid Poolside Portraits at Sunset in Arizona

Ashton WEB
Ashton WEB

Candid poolside portraits at sunset might just be my favorite family photography session idea.

My portrait clients often ask for ideas for their shoots and I say, “keep it simple.”

This is such a perfect example of simple and beautiful.

Plus, this kiddo was able to play and often forgot I was even there with my camera in his face.

Ashton WEB

If you’re looking for natural, candid photographs, a comfortable, not-too-styled setting will give you killer photos.

Now, I suppose sunset in Scottsdale, AZ has a quality of light that’s hard to beat, but I’m pretty sure that dawn or dusk in most places I’ve traveled is compelling and magical.

If you’re interested in a simple, sunny portrait session for you or your family, consider booking at sunrise, too.

Ashton WEB
Ashton WEB
Ashton WEB
Ashton WEB
Ashton WEB
Ashton WEB

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