photography + video sessions



beautiful short films + matching photo collection

remember those silly expressions, emotions, and movements


45-minute session

1 short film (average 90 seconds)

3 shareable films (10-20 seconds each)

30 images


  • all images are carefully edited
  • images delivered via a custom online gallery & digital download with print release
  • video file in .mp4 format
  • bespoke packages available upon request

share your videos with everyone

We're including 3 short films in addition to your full-length film.




Because they're perfect for social media, for texts with your family & friends, or anywhere else where a larger file size takes more time and space.

Click to play the sample full-length videos below:

Alissa family photography minneapolis candid
Alyssa family photography minneapolis candid

Who are we?

I'm Natalie, photographer & owner of Jennings Photo


I've tested out a lot of styles since launching Jennings Photo in 2010, and much like the hero in a classic tale, I've found myself back home again.


Home, for me, means noticing small, quiet things. They are the all-important details—objects, expressions, or movements—that give depth and truth to the moments I capture.


That's when I've created my very best work: when there's truth—something real—at the core of it. Very little fussing and instructing and making-perfect, but instead a lot of watching, listening, and just being there.


If your goal for photos is to get one or two photos of everyone posed together perfectly, not a collar or hair out of place, then I'm probably not your gal. But if you want to capture your beautiful, messy, REAL life right now, tears and grass stains and all, then I'd love to connect.

I'm Bill, videographer & owner of Hoben Media

IMG 7657

I am Bill, I run a media production company based in South Minneapolis. I work in all sorts of industries and found a soft spot for family videos after my godson Osker was born. Osker’s mom, who is also a good friend, is a single mom and I wanted her to be able to see moments of him growing up. So, I started filming birthdays, meeting Santa, and other first milestones of growing up.

Life is a collection of fleeting moments, and before we know it, those moments become memories. While our minds may forget the specifics, video has the power to allow us to gaze back to those cherished times, evoking emotions and reminding us of the love and joy we've experienced.

I believe that every moment holds immense value and deserves to be cherished and remembered. My goal is to provide an experience that allows families to relive their family’s memories time and time again.

Alyssa family photography minneapolis candid
Meaza family photography minneapolis candid

FAQ for video + photo sessions

Why is there only a 45-minute option?


After doing this a few times, we decided that this was the perfect amount of time to capture the kinds of stories you see here without kiddos, pets, and people getting too tired out.

Who is doing the video?


Bill from Hoben Media is the wizard behind the short films. You can check out more of his work here.

Do I get to choose my photos?


Yes! Once the session is complete, you'll get to see the whole gallery and choose 20 images you love. You'll also have the option to purchase more images if you'd like.

Are there shorter video clips to share on social?


Yes! You'll receive the feature short along with a couple of other clips that are made for sharing.

"I absolutely loved working with Natalie for some brand photos. She's super kind, attentive, and made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. If you're considering hiring her, I hope my review helps you say "yes" to booking!"


-Andrea J

"She does brilliant work and captures the moments just right."

Loved working with Natalie! She took the time to know me and was able to capture photos which were aligned to me. The photos she captured were brilliant and my wife and I have booked a family session for the Spring with our daughter.

She does brilliant work and captures the moments just right.


-Cardiff H.

I had a fabulous photo shoot with Natalie. She was very easy and fun to work with during my 60 minute session for headshots and business photos for my website. I received my photos right on time and they are simply beautiful. She is a very talented photographer and I look forward to working with her again!


-Lori H.

"When we work with Natalie, we always feel like we are just hanging out with a friend. Then next thing you know we have all these beautiful pictures that we couldn’t be happier with."

"Our photos really tell the story of our day and we are so pleased that we will have these memories to look back on for years to come."


Natalie turns everyday moments into incredible headshots. She was very easy to work with and I was stunned by the end result of the photos.


-Kyle G.

Natalie delivered everything she promotes and promises--especially making someone not comfortable taking photos feel comfortable. The value is worth more than I spent. She was punctual delivered within the times promised. I am very satisfied with the results which I am blown away that she was able to achieve. The results are very professional yet fun and engaging, contemporary and confident yet friendly and approachable. She has an amazing eye and talent and ability to make the subject be comfortable and expose their true character. Thank you so much Natalie!


-Zack D.

"She is a very talented photographer and I look forward to working with her again!"

Beautiful images. We took so many incredible pictures in such as short time. Your presence and direction are soft, strong, trustworthy and FUN! I loved the shoot and I LOVE the pictures. thank you thank you thank you and my business, my designer, and my followers will thank you! thank you!


-Sophia Wise One

"Natalie was awesome."

Natalie captures people at their natural best -- which I think is rare, even among professional photographers.


-Brian K.

My old headshots were three years old and it was time for new ones. Natalie was offering 20 minute slots for photoshoots at a conference I was attending, and I thought I'd give it a try. I had always booked longer sessions with other photographers, so I wasn't sure what could be done in 20 minutes.
Well...Natalie worked her magic and I got a full set of fantastic photos from her. I'm so impressed with what she got done in such a short period of time. She is absolutely fantastic and she got some wonderful shots.


-Holly W.

"So impressed! Could not recommend Natalie more!"