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Wedding or not?

As a non-married, divorced, and now happily-coupled person, I've discovered how awesome it is to have photos taken just because.


I love looking back on a sliver of my life: the details of my home, that hairstyle!, and my dog looking so sweet and youthful.


Weddings are lovely, too, but I invite you to think of other reasons why a professional photo session is totally worth it. Maybe a walk with your dogs, breakfast at home in your favorite sweats, catching a concert in the get it.

Let's get together for an hour or so. You do what you normally do: garden, make dinner, whatever, and I'll take photos.


Story Sessions also include a lovely book for you to keep. This is important because you can see the full story--each image connected to the next--the way it's intended to be experienced, as a story.


Do you still shoot weddings?


Yes and no.


After more than 250 weddings in 10 years, I've made the transition to elopements and small weddings only. I've found that this is where I shine the most, and where I enjoy myself the most.

Wedding coverage is available for up to 5 hours, limit of 75-ish people.

from $1450

Natalie Harry Islay

Me, Harry, & Islay the Dog out for a walk.

Photo by Cori Miller.

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