Temperance River & North Shore Minnesota Fall Wedding

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I was born in northern Minnesota in a small mining town called Hibbing. Bob Dylan went to high school there, but my folks were barely kids back then. So no, I’ve never met him.

Other than Bob, the mines are a big claim to fame up on the iron range. The mines, and the staggering natural beauty. A freshwater lake (Superior) as giant and expansive as the ocean wraps around Minnesota’s north eastern coast. There are rivers and pines, and fall colors that, when mixed with a cloudless blue sky, can knock your socks off. Or take your breath away. Or both.

So why wouldn’t you want to get married in Minnesota’s north country?

It should be on your short list if you’ve read this far.

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But it wasn’t just the perfect setting or time of year that made this wedding special. It was one part elopement, one part intimate ceremony on the beach. As a photographer, I was lucky to shoot the first look until the vows alone with the couple.

Just the three of us.

Why does this make a difference?

It allowed everyone time to breathe. And if stunning photos in a natural environment are important to you (yes, you, newly engaged person reading this), then you need time to take it all in. Enjoy it. Love on each other.

Sure, I’m able to fit all kinds of great images into impossibly small windows of time. It always works out. But this collection is one after the other after the other, and so on. You’re only seeing a segment of the finals here because there are so many.

So, this is one way to do it. To tie the knot. And without a shadow of a doubt (after 200 weddings or so), one of my favorites.

Stoke the fire, sip some whisky, and enjoy. Happy autumn to all you lovers out there.

xo Natalie

PS: Bob Dylan’s “Girl From the North Country” should also be playing in the background.