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Los Angeles headshot photographer branding photos portraitsMinneapolis Headshot Photography: for Everyone on Social Media

I’ve been going on about this creative headshot thing for a while, and it’s taking off like wildfire. The best part is that I love this kind of work. It’s inspiring to work with other creatives and entrepreneurs and get a chance to brainstorm photo collection ideas.

If you’re on the fence about upping your online presence with pro photos, consider a laid back, easy creative headshot session.

On-site creative headshots are where it’s at. You can be yourself in the space where you spend the most time. Or we can scout a local spot that fits your brand, style, or mood that day.

This session took place at Nokomis Beach Cafe in Minneapolis, MN during the evening. The sun was golden and perfect and fall colors had begun to set in. There is a suggestion of urban life, but a focus on nature and golden light. The rest was all Jordan and her fun, vibrant personality coming through.

If you’re looking for a studio look, that’s cool, but on-site sessions show more of your personality. The varied locations give your collection a personalized texture that is unique to your brand and style. If you’re brand is clean and crisp studio-style, that’s an option, too. But for most folks wanting to update their mugshot, it’s about keeping things simple.

So how to creative headshot sessions work and who needs them?

If you’re in business and need an updated online presence, or you’re interested in building a consistent online brand presence, on-site creative headshot sessions are for you. The first step in the process is deciding on your vibe. Urban? Casual? Nature-centered? Office? Kitchen? Depending on what your brand offers, the options are endless. Next, what kinds of props might best represent your message? Musical instruments? Food? Flowers? Clothing? Books? Perhaps it’s an action-based story you want to tell like writing in a journal or cooking a meal. Whatever it is, on-site creative headshot sessions are planned around you.

These sessions are an hour long and give you a small, but well-planned collection of photographs to get your online brand moving in the right direction. If you’re interested in a more in-depth collection that spans the year and includes deep-dive planning sessions with a stylist, ask me about our personal brand photography packages.

Although I’m most often in Minneapolis, New York, and Los Angeles, I travel globally and might be near you to set something up. If you’re wondering where in the world I will be next, send me a note using the contact form above and snag a discount on your first session here.

Los Angeles headshot photographer branding photos portraitsLos Angeles headshot photographer branding photos portraitsLos Angeles headshot photographer branding photos portraitsLos Angeles headshot photographer branding photos portraitsLos Angeles headshot photographer branding photos portraits

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