Engagement Photos at Sunrise in Hawaii

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Engagement Photos in Hawaii

Engagement photos during sunrise at Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii are beautiful. I mean: Hawaii. Beach. Sunrise. The colors are breathtaking and the silence is something special. There aren’t many places where you can be alone, especially places this stunning.

I often encourage my photography clients to opt for sunrise sessions. In fact, I highly recommend them.


There are three main reasons I LOVE to shoot at sunrise.

  1. The light. It’s different than evening light, and because the sun is in a totally different place, the city or landscape completely changes into something new that isn’t available in the evening.
  2. The quiet. Trying to get that “one shot” that everybody is also trying to get? Most people are not brave enough to be up with the sun, at least not nearly as many as you’ll see out and about most evenings.
  3. The colors. Just like a stunning sunset, sunrises have their own brilliance and aplomb. Scroll through this set and you’ll see precisely what I mean.

There’s something about the slow energy of a morning that carries a beautiful, optimistic energy. It’s a totally different vibe than evening shooting. Again, it might be the general chaos of sunset in popular, public places, but I think sunrise offers something unique you ought to try out.

In this collection you’ll be able to see the pale blues of early morning shift into pink and lavender, and explode into the deep orange of first light.

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